Friday, May 16, 2008

Me N the complete thoughtprocess before the beginning of Yuva Unstoppable.....

Sometimes what we need is not a brilliant mind that speaks, or a hundred hands that spell money, sometimes we just need is a patient ear that listens… and all the more better if that heart finds a way out of the messed up matter.

The Beginning

Who am I?

What am I doing on this earth?

What is wrong with this world, why does everyone seem so self-centered?

Well… everyone questions their existence... and the existence of things that are beyond their control.

But, not everything is beyond ones reach…

And here Michael Jackson's lyrical, fits the best

Heal the world; Make it a better place,

For you, for me and the entire human race –

There are people dying,

If you care enough for the living –

Make a better place for you and for me…

The majority does feel for the underprivileged, but somewhere we get lost in our own lives so much that, we hardly find time for ourselves. Very few people can build upon their dreams to fulfill other's wishes and hopes.

Amongst this bunch of altruistic people was an 18 year old boy, just out of school, and like any other person of this lot, was desperate to bring a change in the system he was living in.

With the hope that a certain thing will give a thrust to the much needed change, something will take place which will make this world a much more considerate place to stay in.

Not wanting to carry the guilt of being unable to do something to facilitate such a revolution, he searched for a solution day in and day out. And amongst the past of his daily routine life filled with studies, friends, hangouts and all the possible stereotyped fun; came a ray of enlightenment – 'Rang De Basanti', the movie.

Being from a rare breed of movies that inspire the whole of the nation, and that strikes an instant chord with the mass. And with its practical thoughts and perfectly etched out dialogues, it sure hit this boy as well.

It gave direction to this boy's haphazard but noble thoughts and provided him with a path to move forward on.This path was Yuva Unstoppable.

It though happened to him in a surprising fashion which suggested of it being, the right thing at the right time. He grabbed this opportunity with both his hands and shared it with his fellow batch mates

And then, it literally turned out to be unstoppable; as the thoughts and efforts did not wear off with time, but made them firm and determined to work towards it.

Yuva Unstoppable was started in Vadodara with 17 volunteers and 2 projects; today it has gone up to 12 projects handled by more than 120 volunteers…

And the numbers keep rising….

(-Thanks for the same- Vinali !)