Tuesday, May 20, 2008

What is Underprivileged ? ? ?

It was Monday morning. I had meeting fixed up with the Principal In charge of Anand Institute of Social Works regarding working as associate with Yuva Unstoppable. I wanted to go for this as if it would click it would be very useful for the underprivileged kids with whom we were working from last 2 years. It would be helpful for enhancing their skills and for their learning progress.

I and my friend Pranav left for the place Anand (Gujarat) on his bike as its just 30 minutes away from Baroda. We went there had a meeting with him. A very positive one! Good at conclusion as he promised to talk with his director as the colleges reopen will let us know if they can work with us.

On our way back to Baroda, the things which I saw made me think this… and think on this very hard……

Was it that day an odd one or something very normal just like any other day….. I have no idea!

Pranav was driving and I was sitting behind watching things on both sides of the roads… There are some villages that we have to cross in between… beautiful fields, greenery and trees n all with continuous thoughts about those children in my mind as to what more ….more better can be done for them….

I was made to think over this question because of the things that I saw and completely changed my views over it….


According to Oxford dictionary, it says a person who doesn’t have normal standards of living or one who is not enjoying his human rights is an UNDERPRIVILEGED!

In layman’s language we say that person who is not privileged with proper living is an UNDERPRIVILEGED…..

So what is the basic standard of measuring a person whether he is privileged or not?

Answer is MONEY!

We define the privilege of a person with keeping his monetary status in mind…….

Question that arises is if a person is living with a family of 4-5 members in 1 room kitchen or a hut eats good food(might be not good quality as what I eat!) but ….. But…. But… but….

He is HAPPY….. He is CONTENT…. He is SATISFIED…………

He is enjoying his life. All his family members are happy with their lives. They are happy with god has given them…….

He is happier then a person, who lives in an air-conditioned house, drives a Skoda Octavia, has English toilets… He is happy in cleaning his ass with water rather then with paper…… (In India we say paper is a ‘roop’ of Saraswati Mata’!)

I was forced to think over this because I have seen people having all the comforts but still they are always having a ‘dil maange more’ kind of attitude!

But on my way back from Anand I saw people living in small houses, huts and I don’t know why everyone of them where lost in what they were doing and that too with smiles on their faces… On none of their faces were feelings or emotions of anger, hatred, sadness nothing…! All just smiling…… So that forced me to think… We call them UNDERPRIVILEGED…. BUT they are happier then me and you and sleep tight at night... much calm and sweet sleep without many worries then I think I have as if I have to run the whole country….

I think I will keep on writing on this…. But in jist what my perception says is if a person is happy and contended with whatever he has whether he stays in a hut, small house, a bungalow, a mansion, or a palace… If he is happy and contended I think he is privileged.. After all the whole world is running after happiness…. Forgetting that happiness is just with them just need to find it around…..

*What’s your take on ‘What is UNDERPRIVILEGED?

(looking forward for suggestions for improving and making it more precise)