Tuesday, December 9, 2008

A Dreamer.... A Terrorist!

Dreams come true?

Is it?

I never want my dreams to come true but still it does come out in real… Unfortunately!

I always feel short of sleep… I sleep in the afternoons; I sleep early at nights get up late in the mornings…. It’s just because as soon as I get on bed me, myself, my world enters into a complete different world… The Dream World …..The dangerous dream world where I get up in the middle of the night when I am killed or I kill some one or masses….

I don’t know its scientific terms or brain frequencies or same wave-lengths of mine and some one else in Pakistan or Kashmir or wherever the plots being stated down of the terrorist attacks which takes place.

Initially I thought it to be a matter of sheer co-incidence but when repeatedly things came out to be true I thought there has to be something related somewhere… How? I don’t know…..

Note: I have always been having a tremendous amount of passion for things happening with my country and how to defend those stuffs… I used accomplish that things through my dreams I think.

There is an interesting thing here which is I am always a terrorist in my dream who is making plots and sending people and doing the carnage! Make a note of it when you read it...

iD r e a m

A Year Back!

The atrocities of Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf were on an increasing mode. Also his two fold attitude with India was a problem from a very long time. Indian government was still shouting out for peace, peace, peace which was falling on deaf ears.

We decided to plot on and end the reign of this biggest mastermind holding the main hand behind the terrorist attacks in Kashmir.

(I remember this was during the period ‘Rang De Basanti’ was released. I am writing this because the attack was a bit on similar lines)

His routine work was monitored and his incoming and outgoing timings from his house were noted down.

As decided, in the midnight around 2.45am our men planted a bomb which was having a timer connectivity near a bridge to his house at an approximately perfect timing when his car used to pass from there.

There was a blast……………..

I woke up!!!

I dint know exactly what happened…. Did he survive the attack or it was the end of the military regime in Pakistan?

Immediate 2 days later in Indian Newspapers….

The morning newspapers carried this news,

Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf survived a terrorist attack near his house!”]

The bomb which was planted by the terrorists near the bridge blew 2 minutes later the car passed from there. Pakistan President in his press conference thanked allah many a times for he was saved and also said that the intelligence team is already started working to find clues on this attack.

The plot of 7/11, the mumbai train blast....coming up!