Friday, March 26, 2010

Beliefs, Myths and Ignorance!!

Do You Believe in God?
So All living creatures are his creations?
Humans too ?
Yes. Very much.
So whatever God has designed necessarily has some sense in it?
If you are negative about it, it means God’s has designed your brain in a way that  wants to make you think negative about it.
Now some are privileged and some are underprivileged. This again is God’s design and it has to have some specific purpose right?
Why is you and me trying tamper the design?
It is made by God so if you believe in God then you got too trust the architecture of God.

Do You Believe in God?
No. I believe in some abstract energy or science
(or any name in any language for the existence)
for the existence of  living creatures?
What about humans?
Some abstract energy again.
Again there is a design which makes some
privileged and some underprivileged?
So, why are you trying to tamper with
the design whose form of origin you are not aware about?
Instead of  searching, serving, helping someone else 
whose structures you don’t know, why don’t you relieve
yourself from all the depression, pressures, tensions, sadness surrounding you?
Don’t you think just ONE HAPPY SMILING Face of yours can make all the people who come in your connection will get a small or at least nothing negative?
So instead of don’t making organizations, CSR's,
initiatives, movements, revolutions, 
why not to work on one self when you know you yourself 
are a victim of some fame, greed, 
dissatisfaction or making yourself proud by helping a downtrodden. 
You cannot utilize the underprivileged to satisfy your needs of satisfaction.
Your thought of helping a downtrodden 
is itself creating an inequality between you
and the person you helped saying a downtrodden.

Note  that privileged and underprivileged can be as per your definition rich and poor, happy and sad whatever you define it.

Just a thought! :)