Sunday, October 24, 2010

Not My World!

I took an auto-rickshaw to go to my Uncle's place for dinner with my brother.
I realized that the rickshaw was very old and the meter too almost not working.
Then I saw the man who was driving the auto.
He was a man almost of the age of my dadaji, old with hardships,
wrinkled skin, shivering hands and almost trembling body!
Tears rolled out of my eyes, I dint know what to do.
I was helplessly watching him drive.
So many things I was asking from life just a few minutes back.
a Vaio, an ipod, shopping and more shopping. Everything just vanished.

I simply couldnt do anything. Damit all i could and did was gave extra bucks than the meter said.
I am still crying.

(as narrated by foram aslot a few minutes back on phone)

some minutes before that: 
I decided to give myself a treat as no one was at home.
I drove to Green Apron and made a take away of delicious Chinese food and soft drinks!
I came back home and put everything in Mum's not so used precious dishes, music and poured the drink(pepsi) in the glass as if pouring whisky with ice. It was when I was enjoying this so called dinner with myself she called up and narrated the incident to me.

I felt so weird and tears came out of my eyes too.
I felt so helpless. I am still feeling helpless.

I am again saying it and my views are really getting stronger on this idea. Let it go hell with changing the world, just change 10 things you see around you with your stupid naked eyes and still ignore it because you are on a move to change the world. Bullshit... Nothing would change Ever if you are changing the world!

I couldnt finish my dinner.
foram said the only good thing happened was he made me remember my Late. dadaji whom i miss so much.