Sunday, May 22, 2011

in school days

In my junior school right from 1st grade we had to wear a tie with the shirt as a part of the uniform. I never knew how to tie the knot. I never learnt and even today, I dont know how to do it.
There was one of my very good friend Manish from my class who used to tie it for me. When the new academic session started on the first day of every year he did it and I never opened it.
I did schooling in Basil till 10th Grade and till then every year Manish use to tie it. Manish is now a doctor and I am grateful to god to have a wonderful friend like him because it wasnt just the tie but even academics and almost everything that he used to help me out with.

The last time he did in 10th Grade, I kept both of them intact. Till date they are the same way.

They were  in my wardrobe and now today when we are shifting to our new house I got them while packing my stuff. I took it along and put it in my bag but before doing that I thought of clicking a picture of it which is down here....

about the school:
 Basil hold a very close place in my heart and the most precious memories come everytime I think of it. I wrote something about the school last year,
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