Monday, June 13, 2011

Colors of Labour

"what goes around comes around"

I knew this but what I dint know was that this cycle of going around and coming back  was this fast.

Yesterday night, with fantastic help from Jared, I was able to create an event for National Child Labour Protection Society to initiate there World Day Against Child Labour by International Labour Organization.

The idea was to shift from the traditional methods of awareness like street plays and puppet shows to a creative public participatory event where Child Labour Awareness can be created and made reach to more people.

Painting the Streets, I have believed to be one of the best ways of conveying your message.

When you start think good for something everything else falls in right place.
Prayag, in a matter of a day made an amazing poster to invite people to participate.
Jared brought in Harsha and team, Yuva Unstoppable volunteers came into live action on the street with paint brushes with the artists.
Crowd gathered up, volunteers welcomed them with smiles and tied them child labour bands.
Some unknown person walked to us and gave us some 100 mineral water packets for all the volunteers.

At around 2am, a person came to the place where we were painting with a jug and a few glasses. He was a chai waala from a nearby place and served us all with 'hot chaai' at midnight.
 Even the cops who were patrolling there helped us with managing the traffic.

With the efforts, teamwork and random acts of kindness, we created a beautiful painting with a strong message for everyone who would pass from that road,