Thursday, June 16, 2011

son, dad and much more..

He stole from his own house. He felt guilty about it. He was ashamed but also wanted to confess. Confessions are never that easy. He was afraid too. So he wrote a letter. He confessed in his letter and put it under the pillow where his dad was sleeping. He dint try to run away from the situation. He sat there, waiting for his dad to wake up.
When his dad woke up, he saw the letter and then his eyes moved towards him. He was afraid, very afraid but thought facing the situation is better than running from it.
His dad again read the letter, the letter which had his confession about the theft.
He saw a drop of tear coming out of his dads eyes.
After that something beautiful happened which he had not thought off, his dad tore the letter and went back to sleep.

That was his first lesson of non-violence.