Friday, July 1, 2011

Jared's instant action

Right from school to college we have played the game of truth or dare a hundred times. Since the time I had come across the amazing Smile Deck, I have been playing it with my friends and groups who come to interact at the workshop. Jared came down to the workshop few days back, when we were leaving we shuffled the cards. It was first time for Jared so before seeing the card, he was like whatever comes from this I got to do it right?
I said Yes, sort of!
This is what he picked up.

Next thing he did was started searching his bag and was talking to himself saying there should be atleast something in this bag which is mine! ;)
And he did find something and gave it.
He gave his Discount District Card to me, something that I had been hearing about from a last few days.

And then it was my turn......