Wednesday, July 20, 2011

No Vehicle Driver

The power of happiness is supreme. 
Any changes of reductions in its available capacity in life can make me take turns in my life which I have never even thought off. Interesting aspect of happiness, happy and no worry living is in connection with the people around, people close to the heart. If there is any change in them your life is surely have its effects. 
One very important point of life that I realized in the past few weeks is never let the power of happiness be given to a few people who you think to be the best people to take care off. Because then you start having a different quotient with them. 
You believe that they are going to be the same and supportive as they have always been for the whole life which is not the same always. 
They change and when they change you are suddenly into a state where you cannot understand how and what to react in that state you might do something which you have to regret very highly. 
The learning for me, the inside of me was to never give the Power of Attorney rights to a few people.
The people who you think drive your happiness, do drive your happiness but only when their drive is smooth and already in motion, not by stopping their vehicle to push your vehicle.

Exactly which leads me to start pushing others vehicles which have stopped and not having a vehicle of my own! 

(written on Jan 23, 2011, evening)