Monday, September 12, 2011

the incomplete

Don’t know what’s wrong?
Life simply seems to be too long
Everyone around is happy
But still a corner of my heart is empty
There’s a drift in my core
It’s something about I am unsure
Like a thud of a stone is a stagnant lake
Deeper I quake
The lava in me is going dim
As the music dies so does my Vim
There’s something about which I don’t know
Maybe to the outer world I don’t want to show
The lonely me inside is sitting
For something I don’t know
Today I am weeping
Raindrops wont lesser my tears
The silence in me, this crowd will never hear
To the world outside I am,
The happiest person today
Because nobody has the time to see the unseen
I feel incomplete from hub
It simply feels very rum
Maybe a part of me wants to get complete

- lines from a poetry by Bineka.