Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Chhath Pooja

Thanks to Rahul he showed me Bihar today. Fortunately dint have to travel much as Bihar came to Vasad. 
Chhath Pooja, done specially by Biharis its a prayer to sun god, Suryaji to thank him for everything that he has given to live and sustain ourselves on earth. They keep fast for three days and come twice at the river bed for the rituals, that is today evening and tomorrow morning! 

Interesting things which I noticed at the ritual was 

-the offering which was made to sun god is carried by males and not females.
-there was an unusually large number of under 5 years of age - children there. Maybe some kind of community population drive.
- 99 percent of the females had lipsticks done in a way that you can see only lipstick on the face and nothing else.
- Biharis dont talk with other Biharis whom they dont know. 
- More than 90 percent of the people probably dint know why they were doing it. Including the panditji of the temple.
- Commerce comes in everywhere. Chana chor garam, ice cream, cold coco, wafers, bhajiyas, coca cola could be seen there to create their share of garbage.

- Bidis and edible tobacco products had the largest consumption.
- VNM Tv and Divya Bhaskar photographers could be seen there.
- Fashion was defined differently here.

Know more about Chhath pooja from wikipedia!