Thursday, December 1, 2011

Foreign Direct Investment and Call for Bharat Bandh

Huge men in open jeeps with sticks, orange flags and spitting red on the roads, around 15-20 of them near Malhar Point rolling the shutters down of every shop in the vicinity.
Call for Bharat Bandh!

Ok, I agree Foreign Direct Investment in Retail is an issue which needs to be discussed and not just politically also seeing that the "Kirana'' stores and many others will close down which are in big numbers across the country. 
You are trying to show your protest, your voice by closing down the shops.. 
Do that! 
But educate people on why the shutdown, the protest is necessary. 

Why is it necessary to oppose FDI in Retail?  (read What's FDI in retail!)

Huge men with sticks and jeeps who forcibly make everyone close down their shops is definitely not the way.

It is harmful for the country with 70 percent illiterates, 20 percent educated illiterates and 10 percent who want to party thinking its a holiday!

If you want to know what the whole issue about FDI in Retail and the protest, 
3. Starbucks Coffee - You might crave for the amazing coffee which you drink and go back in an AC car to your AC bedroom but the country where water is not available! you got to think!
4. Why is it said it is necessary? ( unfortunately, forgets to mention about people who are not educated and dont even know how to write their names which makes 70 % of India. 

Understand what you are protesting.