Wednesday, March 21, 2012

the sudden demise of Kaspersky

Title is stupid.

So yes, I did my first FlipKart shopping a week back.
Kaspersky Internet Security 2012.

No, no! It is not a bad product crib and complaint here....
Product was completely perfect. The disk also was working perfectly.
(FlipKart folks! read this.. offer discounts next time) ;)

I came home from work and opened the box and put the disk in the drive and got busy on a phone and completely forgot about it. ( I know there are too many "ands" above) 
Two days later, when I was running the disk to install anti virus, I started searching for the box which had the license key for registering the product.

I asked mom...
(Mom is a three letter word screamed atleast five times in a day minimum)
I knew the answer but just hoped if its been saved.

a good cd is all waste now!

p.s. have emailed to flipkart guys if they can help in someway, lets see if it helps!