Saturday, March 17, 2012

What Do Mother's Dream?

Today a friend came home. At around 10.30pm when she was leaving, she told my mom,
" You were sitting here on the dining when I came, you are still sitting here and cutting vegetables."

It was around 2 and a half hours, I think. Mom told her she was done with her dinner and sat back again but it struck me profoundly.
I know she takes care of every minutest possible thing in the house while we are running after things we aren't exactly sure off.
Why are mom's always in kitchen?
Is food one of the best ways of showing her love or its more of a compulsion, a mandatory activity she has to be in?
She loves treating us, taking care of our safety, cleanliness in and around the house.
God's most awesome creation should I say or it would be an understatement?

I am curious. What does a mother dream?
We walk, chase, jump, plan, strategize, facebook, tweet and what not for our dreams.
Their dreams?

I am still curious.
We can't just say it, it is in the happiness of the family, blah blah.. there has to be something.
the way she loves, the way she gives a relaxed, tension free atmosphere in the house, everything!

I am still curious.
What do Mother's dream?

written on 13th March, friend was Vaidehi.