Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Money is why we all are running here and there and everywhere. Ok, not all - but majority of us are.
Govt. says 28 Rs. is enough. Let's leave them alone for a while. According to me even the Rs. 32 was not enough. 
How much do I require? 
I was asking myself this thing. 
first comes the house
say, I rent a place.. not a very bad one will cost me something around 3500/month.
say, I grow my own food it will cost me say 5,000 Rs as a one time investment and then Rs.300/month and other things I would eat - umm.. Rs. 1500/month more. 
If I buy food it would be 70/day ( assuming the home cooked tiffin rates) that would 2100/month
say, clothes 10,000 Rs. every 6 months, so that would be 1666.67/month
say, internet etc.. 200/month ( considering I already have a laptop for myself) 
say, medical expenses which are a little more in my case Rs. 1000/month but still I would chuck out this one and give this responsibility to dad. 
cell phone - I am already not using it. ( though it is still a day I am strong on this) 
I can get a cycle to reduce my travelling expense, for other times I have friends and otherwise can keep 500Rs for whenever necessary.
 say, other miscellaneous expenses coming to - Rs. 2000/month.

So all in all my monthly expenses will fall to 3500 + 3600 + 1667 + 200 + 2000 = 10967 + 5000(Reserve) 
Grand total of 15, 967/month.

Let me try this now! Yes.

so now from where Can I Earn it?
writing - 2000 Rs/ month
photography - 3000Rs/month
part time job - 5000 Rs/month
volunteering - 3000 Rs/month
project ideation - 3000/month

umm.. worth an experiment!
there is nothing to loose after all...