Friday, April 6, 2012

Whatta' day!


Brain started functioning without any headaches. Also dint take any combiflam last night.
( finally got rid of the medicine)

Whatta' morning it was!

a school friend, ankita had asked me to collect some books which she had brought from Anand, Gujarat. It was from her Nanaji's collection. Today, I went to her place to collect it after almost two weeks. While Mukesh was putting the boxes in the car, I opened one of the boxes and it was a Reader's Digest from 1969!
Whoa! I said it loud!
It was a classic collection of Readers Digest from 1960 to 1998.
To add to it were a few National Geographic magazines!!

Good Lord! Suddenly this life seemed so much shorter for reading, reading and reading more!

Also to add here, Yes! I am planning to share this with everyone who would like to read them. I will write more about it soon.

Whatta' evening it was!

I left from Office for bulk buy of glue which we use for making paper-bags. We are buying it from this place for quite sometime but this time I thought to go and take it personally to save the delivery charges. ( almost 100 bucks)  
Took some time to find directions but finally reached there.
Uncle, I would say dadaji after seeing him. I was supposed to buy 20kgs and I ended up buying 70kgs of glue.
He then appreciated the work which we are doing as a team at Handmade Hope and more. Also he showed me other products which they make. He even offered to teach all of it to me as well as others whom I can offer employment for those products. Products included incense sticks, Floor cleaning liquids, Herbal Soaps, massage oils, car polish etc...
I will add here that he was something different. I went for just buying glue and I ended up sitting and talking with him for almost an hour and half. I got to know that he is a Pandora box of science experiments and also has a laboratory where he experiments and innovates new products at an age of something  +65.

The problem is I am feeling really very sleepy right now. I will write about the Epic - Awesome conversations I had with him tomorrow.

About his family he told me, two daughters both married abroad and had a son who passed away in his 20's. The sadness and vacuum was still visible on his face. When I left from there, the way he greeted me goodbye, the way he shake his hand me, the way he eagerly shared his secrets to innovations, the way he opened up his laboratory for me, the way he gave me a lot of products to carry back home for free and everything that he had shared with me that two hours, I think he saw his son in me!