Thursday, July 26, 2012

Gopalbhai of Shivaji Park

Tree plantation is one of the biggest positive fads of recent times. Whatever numbers you claim, whatever names you give to them – basically you do it in any form its planting a tree at the end of the day. Even if 2 survive out of 10 plantations, I think it’s worth it!
At a public garden, near Shivaji Park in Jaipur – a man, a gardener – Gopalbhai takes care of the garden, plantations and loves trees. This makes him the most important person for all the plantations happened on that day.

a little change or addition to these tree plantation programs which happen across the country  – for institutionally established places there is not much an issue but on streets, public places all we need is more such Gopalji!
This will help us having more and more successful plantations and also employment generation at a very small scale – but very important!