Wednesday, August 8, 2012

I remember,

I remember,
I remember well, the day-
I watched you pack and fade away,
behind the lingering dusk of the mountains.

I wanted you to show me,
the stretching end of the valley,
you said the clouds and the rains meet.

But, you didn’t hear me,
calling, calling your name,
until you left that hazy frame–
and the night came.

I watched you running,
bare-feet, under the light rain,
until, on the sticky dusts of the Earth,
only, your silver ankle chain remained.

You stared into the sky before stars hide,
You didn’t see me falling so behind.

I wanted you to stop.
But never, never, could I ask…

You know? You were so beautiful-–
when you looked back.

-Metamorphis, Part 3