Saturday, November 3, 2012

Ride to Vadodara

On our way back, Sheetal didi told us after a Giftivism Retreat, your way back home will be a Gift Economy Ride. We dint know she had been to future and seen it. So when Neeradbhai and Sheetal didi dropped us on highway, we walked to the expressway and waited for a vehicle to come.
 I was a little skeptical about if it would be really possible to get a bus from middle of the expressway to Vadodara. In less than 15 minutes this four wheeler came and the driver asked us, "where?" We said, 'Vadodara'. He said " Hop In!"Dont know which craziest moment we were in and we went in this industrial goods carrier to Vadodara. When we reached Vadodara,
I gave him the " Be The Change" wooden frame gifted to us at the Retreat and thanked him for his kindness. While saying goodbye to him, I asked him his name. 
And he said, " Anand" ( Happiness)