Thursday, December 6, 2012

no strings attached

I am also a human being and I am not tailor made. I have my dreams, my aspirations, right ways and wrong ways. You can agree with me, you can disagree with me. I am just another man with two eyes, two ears, two legs and a heart too.
Loving you is an expression of the emotions I have for you. When you try to change something in me, naturally the emotions which I have for you also change. We don't have just one relationship. We have other relationships too. I will take care of them too because I love them. There is a difference though. You don't love two people in the same way. There are much deeper ways of understanding that love and sometimes don't need to understand you can just feel it. You don't share love. You can't share love. You just can help each other grow love and it keeps growing naturally.
My life is my journey. Your life is your journey.
Yours can't be mine and mine can't be yours.
What we can do is support each other in each others journeys.
Without judging or analyzing whether it is right or wrong and be with each other in all the right doings and wrong doings.
That is care. That is love. That is living.