Friday, May 10, 2013

a bird lover...

I got a call from my workshop, we had an injured pigeon in our space. It was almost closing time. If we kept it there, it would have definitely become some cat's dinner.
I reached the workshop, saw the pigeon... dint know exactly what to do but one thing.
Call Aakash.
Aakash is an amazing guy, an animal-bird lover in its true sense and completely dedicated to it.
When I called him, he had just reached home from college. Our workshop was atleast some 5-6 kms away...
I know the feeling of reaching home from a full tiring day at college and if someone tells you to go drive out for 5-6 kms.
He came to the workshop, saw the bird, checked and put it in the bag and took home for treatment.
Not more than 5 minutes but the efforts to reach to it and save a bird was highly commendable.