Friday, August 30, 2013

10 bucks

Last week when I went for movies, there were a few women and children sitting on the floor, a rare sight you get in multiplexes. I think it was their first time and multiplexes and far away from the mannerisms and etiquette which even I find stupid. Walking past by towards the screen I went on to see the movie.
During interval, when I was told to bring a coke, as an obedient male movie goer and one year engaged human I went to buy one. [We don't need a discussion here]
When I was in queue, a small kid from the same family I had seen before also wanted to buy something. Snacks, beverages anything...
Asked for a pop corn first, she thought it was costly, asked for a coke later, again costly and that's when I saw a small 10 rupee Gandhi note in her hand. And well, that was the only one in her hand. Multiplex, 10 bucks...
You get nothing!
 Reality and heart broken.

Later a friend's sister came up with a temporary solution of what I could have done and I so wish I would have done that.
When she was asking for the price of coke I could have said with the coke in my hand, this is of 10 bucks and given it to her.
Missed it. Learned it.
Thank you Nisha for this.