Sunday, September 1, 2013

Little Things

Uncle Aunty came back from their 20 day Europe Cox and Kings trip today.
Before they reached home I went to drop dadaji. I was about to leave and something beautiful happened.

One of my favorite people, the next door neighbor at dadaji's place. We all call him "Nanan". He is one of best focused, inspiring, motivational and caring person I have met and even a short conversation with him would be something I would cherish for life.
As I was leaving he came out and gave me a paper and told me to stick it on the door of dadaji's house. I had a big smile on my face as soon as I read it. Written with different color sketch pens on that white sheet of paper was, " Welcome, welcome, welcome back home!"

Big Smile I had on my face and he said, " Even after seeing the biggest and the grandest of places and things, its the little things which make the difference."

I looked that sheet of paper which I just finished sticking on the door, looked at it and said, " Definitely! It is"