Friday, November 15, 2013

writing the wedding!

It amazes me that so many different rituals we have and we try to follow. Most of them are just for the sake of doing it and because it is being done since years. But, but, but somehow the charm, the feeling, the goosebumps and the happiness is all there, always.
14th November, the first wedding card which is written to invite Gods.
 Being a Jain and inviting God for a wedding is a little funny considering the ideologies of Jainism but let's not got that side and be happy with the intention for writing the same.
And then the first card to the family of the bride. The best part which I always feel was it was written by my dada ( GrandPa). Love to have him around, though the stories he shares now becomes a little repetitive but nevertheless they are still having wisdom in it. I feel its not the story or the experience being retold but its the wisdom which repeats itself till it doesnt get inside your heart and head.

Wedding Card being written by Dadaji