Sunday, February 9, 2014

Not this way!

Two days back a customer came to the store to buy some goods. Dad was not in town so I was doing a lot of multi tasking including handling of the retail counter along with the other work. Client was from a reputed company, working in the maintenance department ( assuming ). He bought the goods and then asked him to increase the quantity in the bill so that he can get extra money repaid from the company.
 almost started making his invoice thinking this happens in business but something in the conscience was striking me so hard, I made the whole of it and tore it off.
I told him straight in his face if he wants to buy the goods as per the actual amount, go ahead else I am not entertaining it.

I know it well about such things in business, so many small big amounts spent here and there. I keep hearing about it from friends and a lot more. I know there might be some losses too to incur but somewhere inside it just doesn't fit into me.
I hope I can keep this alive in me.