Friday, March 7, 2014

Life Wisdom Stories of Dada Dadi!

Everyone who has had dada dadi around them knows how much wisdom we come across everyday. Sit with them for a while and you will surely learn a thing or two about life wisdom from them. They don't teach us. It just comes naturally to them. 
If today we are sitting in a multiple rooms wallah house with all the facilities and comfort, there has been a long difficult struggle, sleepless nights, few days of hungry stomach and a lot of hard work done by our grand parents to make us see this day. 
Everytime my dadaji shared a story from his life I always had something to learn from there. I asked my other friends about their grandparents. Even they were highly inspired with values of life they had learnt from them while having conversations with them. 

Now here was the thing. Everyone who talks with their grand parents is always learning something new no matter how many times they might be repeating the same life experiences. 

We always remember our dada-dadi telling us bedtime stories. 
What about their life stories? 
Those stories have to be just in the family or we can share it with our friends and extended global family? 
Do we need to share this stories with future generations to come? 

I think the answer to all of them was, a yes! 

So here is a simple thing we all can do. 
Let us sit once again with our grandparents and listen to their stories right from the start. Pen it down and share it on our page.
If you don't have grandparents, you can always go to a public garden and talk with some dadaji or dadiji and hear out their life story. 
Lets bring life to the most amazingly inspiring people our generation has been fortunate to live with! 
Become a story teller of their life.