Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Prem na naamey Chari Khavu Nahi!

One of the difficult confusions with love is you have to do things because you love. No, I really don't think so. When you are really in love with someone you feel complete, once you are complete why do you need more, why can't we let the other person be free with whatever she wants to do?
Your lifestyle and perspectives are not necessary to be hers too.
She is an individual and she can do anything she wants.
Her choices, her heart and her brain and her soul!

On a continuous level I keep hearing people saying to their partners, not to do this and that or this is how it should be done. Why?! Was she not doing things before you came into her life? Suggesting or giving a feedback is much different from creating a compulsive attitude and then take it over your ego.
The extreme starts after that you take it on love.
For example,
 if you won't do this I will understand you don't love me.
If you don't eat this ice cream you don't love me,
If you will come to watch the cricket match you love me.
You should take care of my friend's dinner when they are at our place.
Respect my parents more!
Why all this?

One. Before you came into each other's life everything was perfect and it will be perfect even after if you don't try to change anything in each other.
Second. If you love someone. You don't need anything else from that person. From the whole world you decided to make that one person yours because of a variety of reasons. Now don't keep asking what you see in others.
Three. Live and Let Live in its truest sense.