Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Connecting with a Stranger

I saw this guy all set to reach his office just outside the railway station. Almost all the auto rickshaw fellows dint agree on the rate he might be asking for. I went to him and asked him where he wanted to go and gave him a lift till his office.
A young boy just finished with his college in Bhopal had recently joined a company here. I asked him if he was pissed off when he was continuously being refused by auto rickshaw guys and he said that he wasn't.
 He said they are doing the same thing which I used to do in the call center I was working in during my college. Sale the product at the maximum, that's what we are habituated to. To rush for more! Somewhere I am sure the auto guy also must be feeling a little bad to say no to a passenger for money.
His name is Pradeep. Also he said he is looking for a house near his company, hopefully I will be able to help him with it.