Sunday, November 9, 2014

An act of gratitude

Almost a month back I had been to Navrachana University to give a talk about the "learnings from volunteering experiences." It so happened that I also had a couple of slides to show them in my USB stick. It dint work. So I gave the talk without it, helped me get more personal. After the talk I forgot to take the stick back and then I guess it was misplaced because the students weren't able to find it later.
Day before I went again to give a talk to the students of MBA course, a sort of an ice breaker before their community internships next month. It was an interesting session. Some of them really had good insights.

After the talk when I was about to leave, the two professors Rushi and Bhumit gave me a gift wrapped package and thank you. They gifted me with a usb stnick exactly the same as the one I had lost before a month.

Loved their gesture!

Such small things to notice is what keeps us all do good things around us.