Thursday, November 20, 2014

The Happy Umbrella #100HappyDays #Day1

"There are opportunities to serve which  keeps coming to us everyday. It is on us how many opportunities we take and why we let go the one's we let go." ~ Swara Pandya at an Awakin Circle.

Many months back when we started working from our top floor office we required umbrellas under which the interns and volunteers can sit when the sun is on the head. I called up Jhumari [super senior from college and an amazing human being] and asked if it is possible to get two umbrellas from Radio Mirchi and she was all YES about it.
Always ready to help!

Today, I was walking on the street and saw a hawker who sits there from a very long time and I somehow today noticed that he has a black umbrella which was pretty small for him to get some shade from it.
After quite some internal brain fight I remembered Swara didi's quote. I walked to him and talked with him for a while and then decided to give away one umbrella to him.

that was that.
Gifts I always feel are to Pass It On.

Also yesterday Ashwini asked if I want to join the 100 Happy Day Challenge and this happened coincidentally. So here it is 100 Happy Days begin today!