Friday, February 13, 2015

updating with myself to self

I am recently learning it first hand that how when you look at things in a commercialized way you start loosing your "thinking with heart" technology. 

On checking out the kid-inside, the other blog I used to write and the comment segments where there are so many people we used to talk to and reply in comments. An era of not-so-much direct communication technology, communication which used to personal but yet not too personal which helped to keep the focus on the content. We are missing that out in the direct-easy available platforms to talk. 

Yesterday after a long time I was sitting alone. I was waiting for Ajinkya and Jay to come. Till that time I was sitting alone. Thats when I realised, I dint remember when I last sat alone. Speaks volumes about a lot of things. 

Doing flashbacks on Handmade Hope for a possible documentary video makes me realize there is so much of gratitude of people around who have kept on believing unconditionally in whatever crazy things I am doing with life. 

Discussing with Chetan about design, I realised I am blank and not able to understand or maybe or not in that frame to wanting to understand. He is always there, so thankful for that. I know someone who will kick my ass when I start doing this in much more stupid way! Thank you brother! 

Also the next thing is Vipassana. Looking forward to all what silence has to offer.