Monday, August 10, 2015

after the day was over - 10th August

There were so many things I wanted to write since two days.
Din't happen because some or other responsibilities and reasons which came up and had no reason for I decided to do that instead of not writing.
Writing it here on my little blog would have not changed the world but I would have defnitely felt better about it.

There are questions about things to start and things to end, questions of relationships, the complete idea of the existence of the relationships and the mandatory things which come as a moral responsibility along with it. The silence of goodness and silence of a friction which is going to surface is what defines the two sides of a silence. I like the subtle silence with nothing in it though.

feeling blank.

hopefully next time on I won't wait to write down whatever I feel like writing.

want to write much more on the relationships and impact it has on the growth of an individual.

signing off,