Friday, August 14, 2015

after the day was over - 13th August

Amazing things happened in the last few days.
Karan and team made a beautiful video of The Joy Ride we celebrated on the Friendship's Day with the children of Bal Gokulam.

Amitabh came down to Vadodara to give a talk at the Swami Vivekananda International Conference. This guy knows how to own the stage and the people after he talks. He is the only person till now, a social worker with whom young people of 20s come to take autographs and click selfies with him.

Canada Update: 
Kruti Di has finally started with a blog about her travels. Globe Trotting with Kruti Rawat should launch soon. 
Another old friend from Canada gave an amazing news today morning that he is going to be a father soon. It will be really fabulous to see him in the role of the father. 
Chetan will be moving to Toronto in two weeks. He is going to be missed around the Santosh bhai chaai place talking nothing about simply nothing important and his stupid "hehehehehehe".

USA Update:
Kshitij has done one of the most insane things in the world which has put the Red Bull quotient of energy in the right place. Whatever it means. I know what I am supposed to do and he knows what the hell he did. 
Purvish is doing good and calls from a number which starts with 011 which makes me wonder if he is in Delhi and has gone underground because of his heroic acts in Vadodara. 

Vadodara Update: 
I have been thinking, talking and wanting to start a film screening club since long now. We are pushing up a little on that side of the story with help of Bansari, Karan, Ankur and Suchitra - hopefully this time it wont be just a blog like the previous one

Beautiful synergy being created at Handmade Hope. Jaya and Richa - our interns and Ankur have literally taken up the responsibilities in such a nice way. Thank you Suruchi for dropping by at such a short notice. 

Thank you Kartik bhai for connecting with Darshan Chandan. A very interesting synergy is possible to come out of it by connecting the Night Shelters of Vadodara with the Bhookh Mitao Campaign.

We are doing the volunteer orientation for the new volunteers with Yuva Unstoppable today. All thanks to Amol for offering us the space of J.D. Institute of Fashion and Technology. Join us if you look forward to volunteer. 

Thanks to Saurabh for pushing me unnecessarily with a silent idea of Project ISR which was in the shelf and was forcibily dragged out for all the good reasons. Thanks to Bansari for being around for this one along with the film screenings. 

Thank you Nazish for connecting with this very interesting person, Dipti Bapat from Hyderabad, who is in Vadodara for doing her research on the "Waaghri communities" in Vadodara. For the first time I thought researches can be interesting too. Also Dipti for being instrumental in reconnecting me with Nazish for more surprises which are about to come in next week. 

Really looking forward for the Shai's blog on "love from Kasturba" about her beautiful experiments with the girls of the Kasturba home. ( took a break of around 20 minutes here and made a poster which you can now see below)

photoshoots, collaborations, projects, writings, experiments and more in a next few days. 

signing off,