Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Karma Points

Being an Indian means being meticulous sometimes.  We are given a big book of etiquette since childhood (At most of our typical Indian homes). And one very common form of expression for showing respect is, touching the feet of our elders to seek blessings. It has been going on since generations in our country. I was taught too.

But opinions and perspectives changed as I grew up. It became more subjective. Over the time I realized, maybe I was too judgmental about the whole concept of touching feet. I guess I always had too many doubts about the person standing in front of me. May be i feared becoming his follower or take negativity in by touching the feet. And I was stuck to my own theories until I met Nipun bhai this year.

He was recently visiting India for some time and I accompanied him in Vadodara and Ahmedabad to meet relatives and friends.

During our visits, the thing which I couldn’t help but notice was him being compulsive about touching feet of every elder we met followed by a hug. And when meeting somebody overly senescent, he would simply bend down, touch feet and he would ask ‘Give me your blessings’. I was surprised by his salutation and curtsy. I so was curious to ask him ‘WHY’.

While driving back home after few meeting at Ahmedabad, I finally asked “Why would you touch feet of people? What’s the logic?” To which he replied – “Simple logic. Everybody has some or the other good quality. And when you touch feet of people elder to you, who have definitely experienced more life than you have, you get energy from them. At the end of the day, it’s all about gaining the good karma points. When you touch the feet, you receive those good vibrations of energy and positivity from them which is definitely worth adding to your karma account. Everybody has the good side of themselves. Don’t have a fix mindset, do not be judgmental about anybody, people elder to have lived more than we have, they’ll always have more to give. And we should be receiving it in whatever form we can. Take as much good as you can and pass it back into the world. Make world a better place. That’s about it. “

After this conversation I tried few times to follow this but was not able to do it. Hesitation still lingered. Finally I started with Jayesh bhai. It was my first time; I bent down and touched his feet. And when I got up, he hugged me and it made me feel very content and blissful.
I believe my perspective has very much change now. Being judgmental and doubting anybody is no longer my dilemma and I have learnt about playing my part in this world i.e. not presume people or their stories.
(nostalgia from a few years back)