Thursday, October 1, 2015

The Balance

“Everything in life is about balance” 

Read it somewhere and I think I took it little too seriously. Sure, life is a balance of holding on and letting go of thoughts and people. We all must have heard it. In certain areas of life, it does make sense too. But sometimes, it’s more bountiful if you pass it on your learning and wisdom and make more people part of the good thoughts and cause.

Till now I felt it was selfish of me to just take it all in and not repay for the lessons I am taught or the help I have received. I tried too hard to balance things in order to show my gratitude towards them. Recently it dawned upon me while questioning myself on whether I am thinking straight or not that may be I need to slow down and not rush to get it all balanced.

Sometimes some people walk into your life, just to teach and that’s the beauty of it- to learn and remember and take it forward and not necessarily give it back to show your gratitude. It’s meant it that way. This sure doesn’t mean am going to be unavailable in real life circumstances to them but that would be my duty to help another person in need and not to repay for wisdom.

 It’s more like an energy now I believe, which can just be transferred from one body to another.