Monday, July 28, 2008

Mumbai And D Break! :)

I was sleeping at my masi’s (aunty) place late morning. I was sleeping to whosever’s places I visited. Yes I was planning this trip from a long time but dint it wasn’t just clicking with lot of work around. But finally took a break and left for Mumbai-the city where I was born……

I was doing exactly what I wanted….. Sleeping all the time!! After all that was the reason why I had been to Mumbai not for visiting places as Mumbai visits used to be very frequent before I started with Yuva Unstoppable but after that my free time was honestly devoted for the kiddos and I just couldn’t stop thinking about them anytime after that. Now when I was finally there for what I wanted to do I was doing the same the other day when Parth called up…. I was like one more of a roaming call and this one for sure must be a long call. (Parth is a super-active volunteer of Yuva Unstoppable, Ahmedabad)

He had called me up for telling me to join in a 3 day village tour which was organized by ESi. He just briefed me that we have to go there in some special van and it was health, hygiene and sanitation awareness campaign. I told him that I would try to join as it was just starting of my trip to Mumbai….. only three days I had come to Mumbai and I was planning to stay longer and hadn’t even booked a return ticket. Fighting with mind finally I came up with a conclusion that I will be going to the village tour and cut off the Mumbai Sleeping trip….

I knew it would be too very hectic for me as I would reach Baroda on Saturday night and had to reach ESi, Sunday morning at 5 which was not possible if I left in the morning. So after a long frantic 6 hours journey from Mumbai to Baroda I reached home had my dinner… had to convince my mom to let me go for one more journey as she was resistant to it and that was the reason I had to go to Baroda... Otherwise I could have gone directly in the same train to Ahmedabad. But Mumma is Mumma after all! She was like I wanted to see you once and you can go now I don’t have a problem... Sweet actually… hai na?

I left for Ahmedabad in a 10.30pm bus. It was very nice of Parth that he came to pick me up at the station and we left for Sughad(place where Esi is located on Ahmedabad-Gandhinagar highway) Again 45minutes of bike ride… Phew!!

Gosshh I travelled a lot that day using different means of transport around 14 hours same day.

There was one difficulty which would have come across but we were saved of it. Asaraam Bapu’s Ashram is just 2000 metres from ESi and there was this riotic condition going there with a ‘Aajtak’ reporter beaten up badly and also other followers of Bapu were beating anyone without any reason whoever came across. It was around 2 a.m. and luckily no one was on roll so we reached and next morning we left for our Village tour.

This village tour was one of most unforgettable experience of my life and I will not regret that I cut short my Mumbai trip as it was a experience of life time….

The tour, the people I met, the places I saw and small incidents that occurred on the tour… I want to pen down everything so instead of just briefing the trip in short I preferred to right everything what all I saw, I experienced, I learnt…… Its my blog after all I can write everything that I want ….Right?