Monday, July 26, 2010

Bhutan Scribblings

                                   The trip to Bhutan this summer has left a deep impact on me. A small country with a population of not more than six lacs knows how the world should be, how an individual should be. They know that their existence and the period between birth and death is to learn, explore, innovate, enjoy and important of all be happy.
Creating artificial structures leading to complex problems is something they aren’t interested in.
Simple thinking, Simple living!

Many friends of mine wanted me to share my experiences of Bhutan, write about it. I thought of writing some of my beautiful, shocking, and surprising and sometimes incidents which left me curious, but then i decided not to write about it. It is not that I don’t want to share but I believe Bhutan is a place where a person would come back with his/her own set of experiences from which you can learn more about life and everything revolving it.

        Some incidents are such which don’t happen in this part of the world, in our part of the world. If I write them and some one tries to take advantage of it to exploit the Bhutanese in anyway, i would be the first person to not like it.
Though, I will share a few experiences which we had there.

There is a very important fact to be understood about Bhutan is that its economy is not measured by GDP(Gross Domestic Product) which every other country does. They have a concept of GNH (Gross National Happiness). For Bhutan, it is important that the Bhutanese are Happy, no matter they have money or not, they are rich or poor, have jobs or not. Important is are they happy in their life or not. The government of Bhutan also constantly works on increasing the happiness of the country.
To understand more about this I would suggest you to watch this video by Chip Conley to get more clear understanding.

I will have to rush right now... will share a few random incidents about Bhutan soon! You going to miss a lot if you are not seeing this video.