Thursday, September 23, 2010

with the world!

The idea to train and empower the volunteers of Yuva through various trainings and workshops took a bigger form in my mind which I shared with Amitabh yesterday.  Two things which I have understood in this 5 years  is a lot of youth wants to do something for their country where this “something” is not taking a physical form and is remaining just in their brains and second, youth wants to keep their family happy and comfortable. I thought why not to club them both. 
The needs of the society, job security and the passion to work for the country, clubbing all of it together can help us go to the next level. It is necessary to understand and be sure of the people from we are taking our inspirations, especially now when we know they weren’t completely successful we should not repeat their mistakes.
No offence and the questioning to the passion for their work towards the country are impossible. But if we look back Bhagatsingh’s idea of freedom wasn’t successful, Gandhiji’s idea of supporting the partition of India lead to devastating results which the country is facing even today, Jawaharlal Nehru who said “Dams are the temples of modern India” regretted it in the later years of life, Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs which the students are still studying is not the correct system for organizational needs is what Maslow himself researched on but died before publishing it.

Also it is very necessary to understand that the need of this century is different. We had some fantastic people during our freedom struggle from who we take inspiration and take a leap ahead but they did went wrong somewhere which they regretted in the later years of life. To whatever extent inspirational a person is when he is directly influencing the country he doesn’t have a scope of regretting any action he has taken as it leaves behind issues which the coming generations may not be able to solve.
The damage is already been done we can’t repeat them. We have to find solutions which are compatible with current scenarios.
An Oasis in Mahatma Gandhi’s age might have been availability of water and shade of tree in middle of the desert but an oasis in Rushabh Gandhi’s age has to be with water, air-conditioned rooms with shower facilities with laptop and internet connectivity.

image courtesy: blackjack0919