Saturday, March 26, 2011

her simplicity!

25th March
7.30 am
Eeshita Hospital
Room No. 6

My dadi is admitted here and everything is totally silent in the room as she is sleeping. I was supposed to give the breakfast and go back home but now I have to sit here for next two hours as dadaji went home to freshen up.
It was after almost 2 months that I saw the morning sun. It looked so different, so bright, so yellow, so much of energy...But whatever I love the moon now.
As no one else was there and dadi was sleeping I started playing my favorite game on my blackberry(yes, I mentioned it) which is the latest craze I have developed.

I was talking to Poonam on text along and we were having a morning chat. She just told me that I can  never be an early riser without a purpose when I told her about the 2months, sun and the moon.

The word "purpose" struck us both and I suddenly felt we do everything for a purpose. I challenged her to tell me something which she had done without a purpose. Poonam is a last year student of Physiotherapy studies and as always came with a clever answer with simplicity. She said it would helping someone in the hospital is something she does without a purpose. When I say she came out with a clever answer it doesnt mean she thought a lot and wanted to sound smart, this is how she is.
But this simplicity provoked a thought in me about how we help or how we should help.

You help in whatever way you can to the people around you, close to you and you create small circles of happy smiling people. Instead of helping someone unknown helping the people around you. (Trust me, its not selfish if you help a person near your house and do nothing for Japan.) This is what she does always. Always in the most simplistic way, saying things which at times she doesnt mean but makes a lot of sense, never heavily ambitious, nothing out of the world, living an achievable dream, never bragging about anything.

Its important to have people like her around.

I was supposed to write about the idea(which is now the next post) that came to me while talking with her but I started writing about her instead. She has been a good friend and I am happy to have her around.