Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Sometimes so many things come together and you want to write it all but you end up not writing a word.
Similar conditions.

I read this somewhere long back and find it true.

You know there are times when you think nothing around you is going right and mostly its because of the people around you who make you feel negative, bad, not right, wrong and to change as you are not the way you should be.

Then and there.

You are not wrong, you are not negative, you are right and the way you have been always. Its with the other person who wants you to adapt the situations they are comfortable in. They want you to be in that some particular way so that they dont have to make any changes in life.
Yes! Thats how it is.

So next time, when you feel such, dont change yourself, analyse and change the people around you or just ignore it and be your way.

P.S.: It is different to be arrogant, show attitude and being indifferent.