Monday, February 20, 2012

blah! blaah!

Time to time there are people who remind me I am not writing my blog. It is that time when I realize people read my blog because I write for myself not for any other reason.
I started writing my experiences, thoughts and ideas here and now I am reaching a state where I know everyday is an experience and should I take out some time and start writing it everyday or not.
Just when I thought I should click pictures of things happening around me with my phone, the button just disappeared after a few clicks which I uploaded. It just means some extra cost.
With DSLR not in near future, reasons still unknown. I still wish I can have a DSLR in my hand before Ashwini's marriage. I hope I am not making major expenses and also participating in revenue generation for the company.
There are so many things I want to write and when I start writing I understand there are so many different sides in me and I can put them all into a single post!
Let me end this one here !