Friday, March 16, 2012

The Healing

I am really not sure how this thing works. I dont even know it is natural flow with which it happens or it is in real some kind of a therapy.
I have experimented with two of my friends and by one or the other reasons it has always worked.
They call it healing and they send via mind waves or something.
I always have trouble sleeping early. Once Prarthana told me as a part of a random conversation, I can try sending you healing and you will get sleep. I, as usual, thought it to be some kind of new "art of living" techniques but then I gave a shot and in real sense, I was sleeping in next 30 minutes. Most important, peacefully. No dream sleep is my dream sleep and thats what happened. I told her quite a few times after that to send that "healing" and it has worked everytime.
Now yesterday, I had a very bad headache and already not keeping much with the health factor, I think lack of immunity power it is. Amitabh said I am sending you healing and your headache will go. Surprisingly it did go  away.

Whatever this is, I am not sure but Prarthana - Amitabh!
Thank you!:)