Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Shoe Laundry

Yesterday on twitter – this girl tweeted something about Shoe Laundry for women! I am not sure if I got her point correctly but this is something that hit me!

Every girl has atleast 5 pairs of footwears.  (I have friends who have more than 20)
Provide maintenance as a yearly subscription with 12 visits.
10 rupee/pair   (cleaning, polishing, mending, cutting etc)
(Assumption) In a house if it’s a daughter and mother – minimum pair of footwear will be 10.

Yearly that will be 10 pairs x 10 rs x 12 months = 1200
If there are 26 working days with 8 hours every day,
26 days x 2 clients every hour = 448 clients every month
total amount you can earn:  5,37, 600
hire one person who does your work
( cobbler with good communication skills : 8000 x 12 months = 96,000
logistics and material costs : 1,00,000
marketing : 50,000

your profit:  2, 91,600
now if you want to multiply this profit keep adding your employees! ;)

worth a try?!  ;)

p.s. - when I googled for a picture on the blog- I see is, this already exists so it is a working idea! :D