Friday, December 21, 2012


This was a conversation shared by Swara on the last awakin wednesday.
She and her father had been to Coimbatore visiting Raghu and Nisha's farm for a week.
Raghu and Nisha left Silicon Valley, sold their house in America and live in Coimbatore doing organic farming and practicing gift economy.
One afternoon Swara was sitting near the farm and Aum ( Rockstar son of Raghu-Nisha) jumped in front of her and here is the small yet a beautiful conversation she had with him.

Aum: Who are you?
Swara: (a little surprised) I am Swara.
Aum: That's your name, but who are you?
Swara: (thinks) I am Swara and I teach kids like you.
Aum: So you work as a teacher but who are you?
Swara: ( now smiles knowing where he is leading and plays along) Suppose Aum, I don't know who I am, how should I find out?
Aum: (presses his words) Sit Down- Meditate
(Swara is awe-struck, happy and touched by his reply, thinks to take it a little further)
Swara: Ok! So Aum, once I meditate and know who I am. What will happen? What will happen if I know who I am?
Aum: ( stretches out his right hand and puts in front of his forehead) Bullets will stop here!

Aum (when he was playing Batman)
Swara was spell bound then and so were we all who were listening to this beautiful conversation. Everyone blessed Aum and also Raghu-Nisha for the mind blowing upbringing of their child.