Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Lumia Cow

After a long day, hell of driving on the outskirts of Vadodara, back home feels good.
Just a little outside Vadodara and a little inside those roads which take you towards villages, everything just changes.
Suddenly everything turns trustworthy, everyone so easy and direct to talk. You walk into a random house and ask for water or chaai and more than 90 percent of the time I bet you - the answer you will get is a YES.
Amazing it was.

Anyway, so when I was returning home and was about to open the door and I saw a cow. It was 12.30 am.
I presumed that she was lost and left behind the herd.Watchman had already closed the main doors so there was no chance she could get out.  I thought it will be taken care off by someone and I opened the lift and punched 4, floor for my home. There was continuous fight inside me which had already begun to whether go and help that cow or not. I opened the door of my home, kept all the stuff still thinking whether I should or shouldn't. Laziness was almost taking over when something inside me jaagofied and went down.
Went to the gate it was locked. Now ours is a freaking huge society, the biggest in Akota maybe. So went from watchman to watchman asking who has the keys to that particular door sitting on different crossroads inside the society.
Finally got the right guy, made him sit in the car. Opened the doors. Cow is out and immediately there were few other cows who I thinking were waiting for her outside started walking together towards her and then all of them together.

Thank you to the cow for letting me be of her service and do this good act which I would be dedicating it to my new phone I bought today.
Yes, (the show off moment) Nokia Lumia 820 it is.
LOL I know this post might not make any sense for those who might read it. ( I know many of you read it now considering so many reviews I am getting) but ya you know cow-good act-new things - good omen etc?? ;)
So ya!