Saturday, May 11, 2013

when she dint know it...

This one made me think very strongly.
Sometimes some so small little things which are neglected or not even thought of come in front of us.
Not so big, but yes a deep thought indeed.
Today, I got a call from someone who loved Handmade Hope's new Wall F Collection by Bira, she wanted to buy a few of them and asked me if I can tell her which ones are available.
I was not keeping well since last week so wasn't going to the workshop.
I made a call to ask the same.
Babita ben picked up the phone and I asked for it and here it comes BAAAMMM!

She doesn't know English. Frames have quotes in English.
Of other people- it was Hans and Chirag [special kids]
No one at the workshop knew how to read them.
It was very much of a moment where I felt handicapped.

Working on the solution already but it came with a very good lesson to learn from.