Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Being the Solution

Yesterday evening I met this music teacher of Foram. I have had heard a lot about him but him for the first time. The way he could connect the learnings of music with the way of life was spectacular.
He gave an example of how he converted a concert into a musical with very less vocals because he had less singers on that particular day. He connected that with a very simple statement of life. He said, "you and you alone can solve your problems. You have a problem and you have the solution to it. It depends upon whether you want to talk about that problem or you want to solve it and ask life, what next?"
Some people when they speak, you can feel the purity and genuineness of the words and those are the words which touch your heart and you can connect with it on a deeper level.

There were so many other things about him to notice which were interesting and commendable. How he could take out beautiful moments and inspire you with everything he spoke. I don't know if it is necessary to mention or not but yes, he dint have vision (visually impaired) .