Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The Two States

In the last two scenes - Arjun Kapoor carries the Two States book in his bag and the empty office of his psychiatric.
The whole idea of shooting it in IIM Ahmedabad itself. I am sure it must have taken a lot of negotiations and permission issues to actually shoot a film there. 
To actually see your book become a film with the almost the same scenes and dialogues to an extent. 
I am sure by the time the movie ended or nears towards the end during the wedding sequence.. so much happy Chetan Bhagat would have been. 

Though one of the most criticized writers, I truly believe he is one person who made a lot of young India get into a habit of reading books who later on reached to reading Paulo Coelho, Khaleed Hosseni and more.. But they all started from him. 
How happy we are when we get our first byline in the newspaper or even a college magazine. 
To write a novel which becomes a best seller and then produced into a full bollywood feature film is a feat to achieve.