Monday, October 13, 2014

#ThankGod for Nipun Mehta

I am not sure if everyone has but I feel its blessed to have some people in your life who help you give direction to you. They might not advice you or give you suggestions but their presence, the stories they share leave you with a big smile and give you the direction ahead. 
Love, kindness, forgiveness and loop of infinity in which they keep moving around. I remember the last conversation which I had with him and after a year when I again talk he is still just the same. It feels like I am meeting him just after a day.  

The way he practices life, stories which he shares, inspirations that move him, projects he works and talks about. Continuous and consistent source of inspiration. You keep on hearing big things about him, the volume of work and all different things and then when you meet him, he makes you fall in love again with his simplicity. 
Also, as he plays the role of a Big Daddy inspiration and a constant source of encouragement, I also get Guri didi to talk my heart out about whatever I want too and her life stories and learnings are something which I can so easily connect to and makes it so much simpler to understand. 

#ThankGod for Nipunbhai! 
Meeting him and Guri didi yesterday did what they do always. 
Inspired to believe in love!
Inspired to follow the heart !
Inspired to live in  kindness!